The Bravo Ocean Tube Amplifier Review

The Bravo Ocean Tube Amplifier Review

Music has the power to move you. The power to change your mood and help make your life better. It is no wonder that people have enjoyed good music from our very beginnings, and it is no wonder that people still enjoy good music today.

Just because we all have different tastes about what is “good” and what is “bad”, the one thing we all will agree on is the power of music. The very power of the music lies in the quality of the sound. In order to have the best sound quality possible, many lovers of music will use a tube amplifier to get that great sound they want.

The Bravo Ocean Tube Amplifier Front Side

In spite of the digital age that we live in, music aficionados and audiophiles everywhere, prefer to listen to the rich sounds produced by valve amplifiers for their music.

When starting out using a tube headphone amplifier, many people will choose the very affordable Bravo Ocean Tube Amplifier for reasons that will become obvious.

About The Product

Bravo Audio was established in mid-2010, as a niche manufacturer of audio amplification technology.

The Bravo Ocean Tube Amplifier offers the rich warm sounds that audiophiles know they will experience from a tube amplifier. The Bravo Ocean Tube Amplifier has an aluminum body, capable of acting as a heat sink. This tube amplifier is small and lightweight, weighing in at only one and a half pounds.

The Bravo Ocean Tube Amplifier is capable of connecting to different audio sources through either a 3.5mm or RCA jack. Output can be via one of three different output source types: a 3.5mm, 6.35mm or RCA jack.

With a maximum dimension of 5.7mm and weighing a lightweight one and a half pounds this tube amplifier is very affordable. A quick summary of the key features that make the Bravo Ocean Tube Amplifier stand out from the competition:

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    Vacuum tube sound
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    Class A amplifier
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    Aluminum case to act as heatsink
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    Two jack inputs (3.5mm and RCA)
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    Three jack outputs (3.5mm, 6.35mm and RCA)
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    Small size (5.7 x 5.4 x 4.5 inches)
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    Lightweight (1.5 pounds)
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What We Like 

The Bravo Ocean Tube Amplifier produces the warm, rich, crisp sounding tones one would expect from a tube amplifier but at a fraction of the price one would normally have to pay for such quality sounds.

It is worth noting that many reviewers online for the Bravo Ocean Tube Amplifier, have been very impressed by the quality of the sound produced, especially in light of the price for this inexpensive tube amplifier.

We like the fact that this tube amplifier comes with two different input jack sockets. The ability to choose between a 3.5mm jack or an RCA jack provides a lot of options when it comes to using this tube amplifier.

The Bravo Ocean Tube Amplifier Back Side

It is important when buying an amplifier not to be limited in the uses you can make of it. With these two input jacks, this helps to make sure that you are not limited in how you use it.

We are truly impressed with the three different output sockets (3.5mm, 6.35mm and RCA) which helps to make this amplifier, truly versatile for all your audio needs.

One of the main disadvantages with traditional tube amplifiers is that they can be cumbersome and heavy. At a maximum dimension of less than half a foot and weighing in at a paltry one and a half pounds this tube amplifier is remarkably portable and conveniently lightweight, making it able to be easily transported and setup wherever and whenever you require.

The fact that this is a Class A amplifier is important and worth noting, as it will use the entire input signal when being amplified, as opposed to other classes of amplifiers that will only use part of the input signal.

What We Don't Like

There are a couple of things that users of the Bravo Ocean Tube Amplifier have found to be frustrating.

Firstly, the power light is a bright red LED light. While this may seem strange to comment upon, it is interesting to note that several users found this to be not just bright but irritatingly bright; to the point that some users eventually covered the LED up out of frustration.

This is a minor thing really, especially as it does not affect the quality of the sound, and as users have already noted, should you find it frustrating, there is the easy fix of simply covering the LED up. Problem solved – assuming that it is actually a problem for you.

The second area, that some users found to be frustrating was that the sound quality was not as great as they had hoped. Do not misunderstand us. The quality was noticeably improved for many users over their existing equipment, but for some it was not to the extent that they wanted.

It is important to remember that this is a great amplifier to use if you are looking to hear what people mean when they talk about the quality of tube sound over traditional digital amp sound.

If you are an experienced audiophile with the budget to match, then you will want a better-quality sound using much more expensive equipment, but when it comes to value for money, we think that the Bravo Ocean Tube Amplifier is difficult to beat.

Buying Advice

The Bravo Ocean Tube Amplifier is remarkable value for money, given that it is able to produce the rich, tube tones, audiophiles love. As with any online purchase you will want to buy this from a reputable online store, such as Amazon, where there are certain protections available should it get damaged in transit.

The Bravo Ocean Tube Amplifier


Final Thoughts

While you may have heard of the warm, rich tones produced by a tube amplifier, it can be difficult to know what the right choice is. If you are looking for that great tube sound, at a price that is ridiculously good value for money then you need to buy the Bravo Ocean Tube Amplifier today.

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